Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: College aid for undocumented students, TV network for English-speaking Latinos, upcoming vote on AL law

Colleges look at policies for illegal immigrants – USA Today With undocumented students unable to get cheaper in-state tuition in many states, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities is urging its schools to enroll and assist them. On other campuses, students have been creating their own initiatives.

ABC News, Univision to launch English-language news network - Los Angeles Times The still-unnamed channel will reach English-speaking Latinos, a "fast growing and desirable" audience. It is expected to debut in the earlier part of 2013.

Conn. taps into immigrant past to promote tourism - BusinessWeek A new cultural tourism initiative will capitalize on the history of the Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, French Canadian, Polish and other immigrants who worked in the region's factories a hundred years ago.

Rick Perry Claims Obama Encourages Unauthorized Immigration By Minors - Huffington Post The Texas governor and Republican ex-presidential candidate "accused the Obama administration last week of skirting its immigration enforcement duties to the point of encouraging undocumented minors to illegally cross the border to the United States."

Immigration law may come up for vote this week - Montgomery Advertiser A bill that would modify Alabama's stringent antil-illegal immigration law, known as HB 56, is expected to come up for a vote this week.

Rwandan genocide: Woman lied to get entry to U.S., jury finds - Los Angeles Times A Rwandan woman in Boston has been convicted of immigration fraud for lying about having been a member of Rwanda's ruling party during the 1994 genocide in order to emigrate to the United States; her sister faces similar charges.