Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

¡Yo quiero pizza! Pizza chain wades into politics of culture, bilingualism and free food

A pizza chain in Texas is causing a stir with a promotion scheduled for early June in which customers will receive a free pizza if they order in Spanish. Just a few magic words like "pizza, por favor," and you're in. Yes, it can be considered political to a point. The Pizza Patrón chain is based in Dallas, but it has two stores in Farmers Branch, which has a resolution making English the official language of business. But the campaign also encourages the tiniest bit of bilingualism in exchange for free food, and neither - a second language or free food - is a bad thing.

In a place like Southern California, the possibilities for language-related marketing campaigns like this one are endless. Free bánh mì sandwiches for those who order in Vietnamese? Or perhaps a dim sum eatery offering a free dish of shrimp har gow for those who order it in Cantonese?

In the news video above, even some of those who support the all-English business resolution don't mind the free pizza campaign. Restaurateurs, take note. We'll learn.