Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: California 'anti-Arizona' bill passes in Senate, a reporter's personal immigration drama, immigrant inventors, mor

California's 'anti-Arizona' bill clears state Senate - Southern California Public Radio A bill known as the TRUST ACT passed in the California Senate yesterday. It would place limits on the cooperation of local and state law enforcement with federal immigration authorities.

Salvadoran reporter in Ga. faces immigration drama - Associated Press "I feel like I'm one of my sources,’’ said Salvadoran-born Mario Guevara, who has lost his bid for asylum. He fled El Salvador in 2004 after being beaten and harassed for his work as a political reporter.

U.S. courts immigrants who excel in science - San Francisco Chronicle "A recent study found more than three-quarters of patents from America's top 10 patent-producing universities, including MIT, Stanford and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, were the result of breakthroughs by immigrants."

Romney May Choose Woman as Running Mate, Wife Says - Fox News Latino After much speculation over Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida as a possible running mate for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, eyes are now on New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez after Romney's wife disclosed that her husband is considering a female running mate.

Latino Advertising Can Alienate Non-Latinos, Study Says - Huffington Post According to a study conducted during the 2008 presidential race, "black and white test subjects showed decreased support for a candidate after watching an English-language advertisement that features a Latino endorser" or a "non-Latino endorser who used Spanish phrases."