Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Paul Ryan and Latino voters, TRUST Act, cost of deferred action, the fate of an undocumented law school grad, more

Does Paul Ryan mean Romney has already lost the Latino vote? - Reuters An opinion piece on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's standing among Latino voters, "the worst for a Republican presidential candidate since 1996," and his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as vice-presidential running mate. There had been speculation he would choose a Latino running mate.

Bill would drop immigration hold for those suspected of minor offenses - Sacramento Bee More details on the so-called TRUST Act, a California proposal that would only let local cops detain immigrants for federal authorities if the person has committed a serious offense. The bill cleared the state Senate and is awaiting an Assembly vote.

Who pays the cost of helping young undocumented immigrants? - Los Angeles Times Contributor Sandra Hernandez points out that in spite of criticism over the price of a new federal program that will allow young undocumented immigrants to apply for temporary legal status, the agency handling the program is self-funded: "In fact, the bulk of U.S. Citizenship and Customs' budget comes from fees paid by immigrants." There will be a $465 processing fee to apply.

Justice Department opposes illegal immigrant's bid to practice law - Los Angeles Times More on the federal Justice Department's opposition to California granting a law license to Sergio Garcia, an undocumented law school graduate who is seeking the right to practice before the California Supreme Court.

During last week of Ramadan, LA-area Muslims head to Skid Row to help homeless people - Southern California Public Radio For more than a decade, Muslims in Los Angeles have gathered in Skid Row for “Humanitarian Day,” distributing food, clothing and water to the homeless on the last week of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.