Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Driver's license debate over deferred action, GOP embraces 'self-deportation,' kids and health disparities, more

Driver's license rules fuel new immigration debate - CNN Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer was the first to state that Arizona would not grant driver's licenses to young people who qualify for legal status under deferred action; now officials in other states are following her lead.

Republican Immigration Platform Backs 'Self-Deportation' - New York Times Ahead of the GOP convention, Republican delegates have adopted a platform "calling for tough border enforcement and opposing 'any forms of amnesty' for illegal immigrants, instead endorsing 'humane procedures to encourage illegal aliens to return home voluntarily,' a policy of self-deportation."

Health disparities found among black, white and Latino children - Los Angeles Times A New England Journal of Medicine study finds black and Latino kids to be "more likely than white children to be obese, witness gun violence and ride in a car without a seat belt."

Mixed court rulings on Georgia, Alabama immigration laws - Fox News Latino The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has decided not to strike down provisions in Georgia's HB 87 and Alabama's HB 56, laws similar to Arizona's SB 1070, that allows local police officers to check the immigration status of people they suspect of being in the country illegally. But a provision in Alabama that would have schools check students' legal status was stuck down.

Anaheim high school cancels events found to be demeaning - Los Angeles Times Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills has canceled "Seniores" and "Señoritas" events held at the school in which "students dressed as gang members and a pregnant woman pushing a baby stroller."

Hank Williams Jr.: 'Muslim' Obama 'Hates the U.S.' - Rolling Stone From the story: "Speaking to crowd on August 17th, Williams Jr. proclaimed, 'We've got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!' The statement was reportedly well received by the audience." The country music star was playing the Iowa State Fair.