Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Michelle Obama visits Sikh survivors, Romney needs more Latino votes, ICE agents sue over deferred action, more

First lady meets with victims, families of Sikh temple shooting - CNN Michelle Obama traveled to Wisconsin yesterday to meet with survivors and family members of those who died earlier this month in a shooting attack on a Sikh temple near Milwaukee.

Mitt's target number to take Hispanic vote from Obama: 38 percent - The Hill Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign estimates that he will need 38 percent of the Latino vote to win in November, more than the 31 percent won by Sen. John McCain of Arizona when he campaigned in 2008.

Kris Kobach Represents Immigration Agents In Lawsuit Against Obama Administration - Huffington Post The Kansas Secretary of State and legal author of Arizona's SB 1070 and similar laws is representing 10 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, who say the new deferred action policy offering temporary legal status to some young immigrants is unlawful and interferes with their job.

Mississippi Governor is Latest to Bar Benefits for Undocumented Immigrants - Fox News Latino Mississippi is the latest state in which officials are saying they will not provide public benefits, such as state driver's licenses, to young undocumented immigrants receiving temporary legal status under deferred action. 

Checkpoints deter illegal immigrants seeking abortions in Texas - Lubbock Avalance-Journal From the story: "Illegal immigrants who live in the Rio Grande Valley and are seeking an abortion after 16 weeks face a hurdle beyond Texas’ strict laws. They must make a long drive north and face internal border checkpoints."