Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Detention profits, court rules on derivative visas, one reporter's views on 'illegal,' more

Children of immigrants who 'aged out' of visas can get their place back in line - Southern California Public Radio A federal appeals court has ruled that the now-adult children of immigrant parents who "aged out" of obtaining derivative visas at age 21 while their parents waited for green cards can regain their priority status.

Private prisons: Immigration convictions in record numbers fueling corporate profits - Huffington Post The continuing detention of tens of thousands of immigrants on a daily basis fuels the profits of privately run prison companies, who contract with the government to house the bulk of immigrant detainees.

Immigration reporter Julia Preston's views on 'illegal immigrant' - New York Times The veteran NYT reporter addresses the continuing 'illegal' vs. 'undocumented' debate: “I think we need a little more flexibility...But we should use the term at times – it is accurate. It is a violation of law for a foreign-born person to be present without legal status.”

Number of eligible Latino voters increasing, but will they vote? - Oregon Public Broadcasting From the story: "Latinos are a younger demographic. And younger people -- no matter what their ethnicity -- are much less likely to vote than older people."