How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Do political exit polls misrepresent Latinos?

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Do political exit polls misrepresent Latinos and other voters of color?

So argues Stanford  University political scientist Gary Segura today in a piece on the Latino Decisions website; the polling firm, in which he is a principal, has been keeping tabs on the Latino voter climate in the runup to next week's election. 

Segura points to language as one problem that can affect exit poll tallies on election night, and how inaccuracies tend to prevail within smaller, geographically concentrated groups of ethnic voters. In addition, he writes the exit polls tend to over-represent people of color who are middle-class and better educated, and this also affects results.

What to do? Segura suggests a few additional questions for reporters to ask when they are using exit poll data. Read the full post on KPCC's political blog Represent!

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