Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news today: The federal-state tug of war, hate crimes, immigration reform and the GOP, more

Federal-state tug of war: Drawing the lines in immigration overhaul - NPR State immigration laws enacted recently stand in contrast with talk of an immigration overhaul at the federal level, back on the national agenda after the November election.

US government reaches settlement with immigrants over improper home raids - Fox News Latino Eight people in New Jersey who were subjected to early-morning home raids by immigration agents will share an almost $300,000 settlement after a judge ruled that these operations were not properly conducted.

Report shows anti-Latino hate crimes down 31 percent - KPBS This is according to a new report from the FBI, which shows that hate-related crimes against Latinos have dropped the most significantly. However, race remains the biggest motivation behind hate crimes, followed by crimes related to sexual orientation. There was a slight increase in anti-LBGT crimes.

Republican leaders balance politics and principle on immigration reform - The Hill On the complicated divide occurring within the GOP as party leaders try to balance comprehensive immigration reform with the hardline approach favored by some in the party and their constituents.