How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Russian adoption ban, a phase-out of 287(g) federal-local partnerships, Iowa denying licenses to DACA recipients, more

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Magnitsky case: Putin signs Russian ban in US adoptions - BBC Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a bill banning Russian adoptions to the U.S. Russia is one of the top three foreign countries from which U.S. families adopt. The law is considered to be retaliation in response to a recently signed U.S. measure.

A phase-out of 287(g) immigration enforcement partnerships - Southern California Public Radio Immigration officials have announced that several federal-local immigration enforcement partnerships under the 287(g) program will end Dec. 31, and others are being reviewed as to whether they will continue.

Mexico urges block on part of Arizona immigration law - Arizona Republic The Mexican government has asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent Arizona from enforcing a provision of the SB 1070 state anti-illegal immigration law that prohibits the harboring of undocumented immigrants.

Iowa joins in denying driving rights to immigrants in federal program - Omaha World-Herald State officials say they won't allow driver's licenses to young immigrants who have obtained temporary legal status uner deferred action, a program that grants reprieves from deportation and a work permit to young people who arrived in the country before age 16. 

'Make Me Asian' app for Google Play blasted as racist, offensive - Huffington Post An app that "allows users to change their eye shape and add stereotypical 'Asian' accessories" is angering Asian Americans. There are related apps that include "Make Me Indian," "Make me Russian," "Make me fat," "Make me bald" and "Make me Irish."

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