How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reform on post-fiscal cliff agenda, lessons from immigrants, outcry over 'Make Me Asian' app, more

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Immigration and gun violence top president's post-fiscal cliff agenda - NBC Before yesterday's deal was reached to avoid so-called fiscal cliff, President Obama spoke with NBC's "Meet the Press" about issues he plans to address next: "I've said that fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority," he said. "I will introduce legislation in the first year to get that done."

Analysis: 6 things Obama needs to do for immigration reform - ABC ABC consults with an advocate and an expert, and comes up with a checklist. Among the items: "Acknowledge the Power of the Latino Vote" and "Clear Space on the Agenda."

Seven lessons Americans can learn from immigrants to live longer - PBS News Hour The show interviewed  Claudia Kolker, author of the new book "The Immigrant Advantage." Health and longevity are just part of it: Kolker suggests other lessons that can be learned from immigrants, like how to save money.

Phoenix: Convention slump tied to SB 1070 - Arizona Republic While not everyone agrees on the cause, "projected bookings for the Phoenix Convention Center are down by as much as 30 percent for the current fiscal year compared with 2009." The 2010 anti-illegal immigration law prompted an economic boycott of the state.

Death toll of illegal immigrants soars in South Texas - Forth Worth Star-Telegram While border arrests are way down in recent years, the number of deaths of migrants in a single South Texas county has more than doubled since a year ago. 

Is Google Play's 'Make Me Asian' app racist? - Daily Beast More on the controversial app (and related ones like 'Make Me Indian') that lets players change their features and add stereotype trappings. One Korean American pastor has launched an online petition, with more than 7,000 signatures now, to get Google to remove it. 

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