How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Maritime smuggling patrols, enforcement spending, E-Verify, the casting of 'Argo,' more


Small boats, called pangas, are used in Mexico to fish. They are about 20 feet long, and with two or three outboard motors on back, a smuggler can take a load of up to 20 people far up the coast.

Border Patrol beefs up California coast enforcement - Reuters From the story: "In the past two years, agents have apprehended some 1,300 people, seized more than 200 vessels and recovered more than 135,000 pounds (61,235 kg) of drugs along the coast between the Mexican border and Rancho Palos Verdes."

Is illegal immigration no longer an issue? - NPR Tell Me More host Michel Martin discusses immigration enforcement spending with former Immigration and Naturalization Services commissioner Doris Meissner, who has authored a new report on enforcement and its costs. Immigration enforcement topped federal law enforcement spending last year.

The first Latina to lead a federal agency resigns - ABC News On the resignation of Holda Solis as federal Labor Secretary. Solis, a native of Southern California, was the first Latina appointed to head a federal agency. She may return to run for public office again in her home state.

E-Verify: Immigration reform's threat to legal workers - Forbes Congress is to consider a national mandate this year for the implementation of E-Verify, an online system for screening workers that states like Arizona have made mandatory. But the system continues to have errors, and this worries some employers.

Latino should have played the lead in 'Argo' - CNN As director of the Oscar-nominated film "Argo," based on the true story of CIA agent Tony Mendez, should Ben Affleck have cast someone other than himself as Mendez, who is of Mexican descent? An opinion piece. 

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