How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Obama's reform plan expected, bipartisan Senate plan draws mixed reactions, the GOP opposition, more

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President Obama speaks to supporters during a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012; Obama is expected to outline his plan for comprehensive immigration reform during an address in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Obama to pitch immigration reform - CNN President Obama is expected to talk about his ideas for reforming the nation's immigration system during a planned address today in Las Vegas, shortly before noon Pacific Standard time. It comes on the heels of a bipartisan plan announced by eight senators Monday.

Senate immigration reform proposal draws mixed reactions - Southern California Public Radio Yesterday's bipartisan "Gang of Eight" Senate immigration proposal is getting mixed reviews from immigrant advocates, who don't agree with its border security contingencies, and from hardliners who fear it will create more illegal immigration. It's also bound to hit stiff opposition from House Repubicans. 

Obama will take lower-key approach on immigration - Los Angeles Times White House aides say that President Obama is "not planning to release many specifics" when he unveils his immigration reform plan as expected today in Las Vegas, preferring instead "to work quietly with members of both parties to mesh his principles with theirs."

Obama immigration plan: More direct path to citizenship than Senate's - ABC/Univision Although Obama is not expected to release many details during his address today, it's expected that unlike the proposed Senate plan, "Obama's framework would not contain a border security measure. Administration officials told media outlets that they believe a path to citizenship needs to be straightforward."

Senators begin selling immigration plan on airwaves - USA Today Following the announcement of their immigration plan Monday, some of its Republican supporters are making radio and television appearances. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida plans to appear today on Rush Limbaugh's show; the conservative  talk show host "criticized the bipartisan proposal as a form of amnesty."

Immigration opponents remain adamant, despite political risk - NPR From the story: "A fair amount of Republicans support making life so uncomfortable for illegal immigrants that they will 'self-deport,' as Mitt Romney said during last year's GOP primaries. Such thinking has damaged the GOP brand among Hispanics, but some Republicans argue that it's still the right approach."

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