How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: More reform plans brewing in House, reform failures of the past, Latino vote in LA mayor's race, more

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The U.S. Capitol Building's dome is seen in Washington, DC. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives are reportedly set to soon unveil their own immigration reform plan, on the heels of plans unveiled last week by a Senate group and President Obama.

Secret House group close to immigration-reform agreement - The Hill From the story: "A bipartisan group of House negotiators is even further along in drafting a comprehensive immigration overhaul than its counterpart in the Senate, but the path to passage in the lower chamber is lined with thorns."

A rocky road to reforming immigration - New York Times From the story: "Comprehensive reform failed to happen six years ago, despite the push from the high-powered coalition led by President George W. Bush and Senators John McCain and Edward M. Kennedy." While prospects appear better today, "the same obstacles persist."

Obama to meet with labor, CEOs on immigration - USA Today This week, the president is set to meet "with labor leaders and progressive leaders, as well as a number of CEOs from across industries, to discuss his commitment to getting a bipartisan bill passed in 2013."

Why immigration reform in 1986 fell short - Washington Post More on the legacy of IRCA, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which "has not turned out to be the triumph that Reagan envisioned. Instead, those on both sides of the immigration debate see it as a cautionary lesson."

Lawyers say surveillance of Muslims flouts accord - New York Times A federal judge is being asked by civil rights lawyers to order an independent review of the New York Police Department’s counterterrorism tactics: "The lawyers say the police’s tactics have placed Muslim communities under surveillance in violation of longstanding federal court guidelines."

Why gets Latino support in LA mayor's race? - LA Weekly According to a new poll, Latino support is up for underdog candidate Emanuel Pleitez, who is of Mexican-Salvadoran descent. Meanwhile, Latino voter support seems to have dropped for Eric Garcetti, who has more distant Mexican roots.

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