Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: What the House GOP wants, Obama talks reform to unions, immigrants and the job market, more

House GOP open to residency for illegal immigrants - New York Times But not necessarily citizenship. From the story: "House Republicans on Tuesday staked out what they cast as a middle-ground option in the debate over immigration, pushing an approach that could include legal residency but not a path to citizenship — as their Democratic counterparts favor — for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country."

Unions could again be key to immigration reform - CNN President Obama met with several organized labor leaders on Tuesday as he tries to ensure support for his immigration reform plan. During a previous reform effort, the AFL-CIO and other union groups came out against temporary guest workers.

Will immigration reform mean more Hispanic Republicans? - ABC News Some GOP leaders believe the current immigration reform debate, with its Republican involvement, might attract more conservative Latino candidates to run for office. Others disagree.

Are immigrants taking your job? A primer - New York Times Now that reform talks are back, "there are a lot of competing studies (and pundits) out there, but the general takeaway from conservative and liberal economists is that immigration is good for Americans’ living standards over the long run."

Immigration's latest ally: Christian right - Politico From the story: "Christian conservatives, who stayed on the sidelines in 2006 or opposed reform outright, have sprung into action for the cause. They’re talking to their congregations from the pulpit. They’re urging lawmakers in private meetings to support reform."

Asian-themed fraternity party sparks protest by Duke University students - Fox News The offending fraternity this time is reportedly Kappa Sigma. From the story: "Students at Duke University plan to hold a protest Wednesday in response to a fraternity party that featured offensive Asian stereotypes, including straw conical hats."