How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reform and the economy, House immigration debate, a 'racist rager' at Duke University, more

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A residential building at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. A campus fraternity has been suspended after throwing an Asian-themed party "replete with conical hats, geisha outfits, and intentional misspellings."

Immigration reform issue: The effect on the budget - New York Times Immigration reform failed in 2007 when the economic picture in the U.S. was better than it is now. How might the current economy influence prospects for comprehensive reform today?

Rep. Labrador could shape House plan on immigration - NPR  Steve Inskeep speaks with Republican Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho, who is opposed to a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants as proposed last week by President Obama and a Senate group.

Marco Rubio, immigrant son - TIME On the Florida Repubican senator's immigrant background. His mother Oriales García Rubio, who grew up poor in central Cuba, reportedly called him the morning of Feb. 21 and said in Spanish: “Don’t mess with the immigrants, my son. Please, don’t mess with them.” 

Duke University fraternity suspended over Asian-themed 'racist rager' - TIME The Kappa Sigma fraternity on campus has been suspeded by its parent organization "after throwing an Asian-themed party — replete with conical hats, geisha outfits, and intentional misspellings — sparking protests by Asian students on campus."

Muslim US Air Force veteran barred from flight - Seattle Post-Intelligencer U.S. citizen Saadiq Long, "a Muslim U.S. Air Force veteran, who had trouble entering the country last year to visit his ailing mother, was barred Wednesday from boarding a flight in Oklahoma City to return to his home in Qatar."

Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez aim to recruit minority, female GOP candidates - ABC News The conservative Nevada and New Mexico governors have been tapped by a party effort "to help recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds, especially Hispanics, to run at the state level with the hopes they one day could serve as standard-bearers for the party."

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