How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate reform hearing, immigration in the State of the Union, explaining the 11 million, more

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Senate panel tackles immigration - New York Times The Senate Judiciary Committee, "which will likely put its own stamp on any immigration bill to reach its conference room," is set to hold its first immigration reform hearing today. 

Watching the State of the Union with undocumented immigrants - Talking Points Memo A dispatch from a spot where several immigrant workers, some undocumented, were watching last night's speech: "Obama received cheers and whoops as he announced that 'the time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform.' But they quickly turned to boos, hisses, and even a 'Shame on you!' as he pivoted to tougher border security."

Rep. Xavier Becerra expects immigration bills soon - Politico From the story: Becerra, a Democrat from California and a key negotiator on immigration plans, said "he wouldn’t be surprised if bipartisan groups in Congress roll out legislation for comprehensive reform 'within the next few weeks.'"

Jose Antonio Vargas' testimony - Politico The Pulitzer-winning journalist who turned immigration activist after revealing he is undocumented is set to testify today when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds its hearing on immigration reform.

11 million undocumented immigrants: What's behind this number - Associated Press Explaining the math behind the ballpark estimate of how many immigrants are living in the United States without permission.

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