How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: White House denies input on ICE detainee releases, detention costs, 'Negro' dropped from census, more

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Detainees watch a movie in an indoor recreation area at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility on July 30, 2010 in Florence, Arizona.

White House was 'unaware' of immigration detainee release - CNN A White House official says there was no input from either the White House or the Homeland Security Department on U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement's decision to release hundreds of immigrants from its detention facilities, ahead of anticipated federal sequester spending cuts.

U.S. Census Bureau drops 'Negro' from surveys - ABC News After more than 100 years of use, the bureau is striking the term from survey forms; people will now choose "black" or "African-American." The bureau had weighed removing the term in 2010, but kept it reasoning that "there was still a segment of the U.S. population that personally identified with the term," chiefly older black residents in southern states.

How much does ICE save by releasing immigrant detainees? - Southern California Public Radio It costs the government more to house someone for one day in an immigrant detention facility, most of which are contracted, than some Americans earn for a day's work. A look at the math of immigrant detention.

Immigration detainees' release causes outrage in Arizona - Los Angeles Times From the story: "Anti-illegal immigration groups and others accused the Obama administration of playing politics, while an immigrant rights group said the incident showed the administration had detained people they shouldn’t have in the first place."

New bilingual website to focus on Latino health - New York Times On the launch of a new health and wellness site for a bilingual, bicultural Latino audience called Vida Vibrante

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