How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Asian American reform priorities, a plan to curb employer abuse, tech and immigration, more

Asian American Immigration

Connie Choi (second from left), an attorney with the the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, says Asian-Americans have been particularly affected by a bill signed in 1996 by President Clinton making it easier to deport individuals who have committed minor crimes.

Asian Americans have their own priorities for immigration reform - Southern California Public Radio More on how immigration is not just a Latino issue: Asian Americans have their own concerns as they await immigration reform legislation, among them endless visa backlogs affecting would-be Asian immigrants and laws that have led to the deportation of many Southeast Asians who arrived legally. 

Employer retaliation against immigrants decried - Los Angeles Times Some state lawmakers plan to push legislation they say will help curb the practice of employers threatening to turn employees in to immigration authorities if they complain about work conditions. 

W.H. seeks tech's help on immigration - Politico At a gathering of tech executives Wednesday, Deputy Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank "reiterated the Obama administration’s support for granting green cards to foreign nationals who graduate with degrees in highly sought fields and creating an easier system to allow foreign entrepreneurs starting companies in the U.S. to live here."

'Harvest of Empire' review: On immigration - San Francisco Chronicle A review of a new documentary that looks at immigration from Latin America. It's based on a 1999 book by New York Daily News journalist Juan Gonzalez.

Team Mexico, including Giants star Sergio Romo, feel hostility amid Arizona's immigration battle - Yahoo! Sports When a team composed of Mexicans and Mexican Americans plays a game in Arizona, it's "a recipe for jokes about how many of the team's players were asked for their papers on the way to the stadium." One player says he really was pulled over.

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