How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Race in six words, who's lobbying in reform debate, nursing homes want guest workers, more

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Six words: Ask who I am, not what - NPR An interview with correspondent Michele Norris, whose Race Card Project asks contributors to share their experience of race in six words. One of the stories featured is that of a Korean American woman from Seattle who is often asked, "Where are you really from?"

Lobbying dollars fly in immigration reform debate - KPBS Among the top ten groups lobbying lawmakers on immigration reform, listed in a new report, are Microsoft, Intel Corp and Qualcomm, who want to make it easier to hire foreign talent. So are travel industry companies who want to ease the visitor visa process, and Numbers USA, a nonprofit that works to restrict immigration.

Large racial gap marks trust on immigration - ABC News From the results of a new poll: "Whites favor the GOP over Obama on immigration by 47-36 percent, while nonwhites (blacks, Hispanics and others) prefer Obama by a broad 71-16 percent."

Nursing homes want guest worker program in immigration bill - The Hill The American Health Care Association says that immigration reform "should recognize the needs of employers — including nursing homes and long-term care providers, who rely heavily on immigrants for positions such as nurses."

11 alleged illegal immigrants rescued from boat off Point Loma - Los Angeles Times Maritime human smuggling continues off the Southern California coast; in this latest case, a boat with a failed motor was found about three miles off San Diego. 

Illegal immigrants should have health coverage, foundation says - Los Angeles Times On The California Endowment's campaign to extend medical coverage to uninsured residents, including the undocumented, who could remain uninsured after health care reform takes effect early next year.

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