How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate plan includes citzenship path, new GOP Latino outreach effort, undocumented Irish, more

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Senate panel close to Obama plan on path to citizenship for illegal immigrants - Washington Post Under a plan being developed by a bipartisan Senate group, qualifying undocumented immigrants would be able to become U.S. citizens after a 13-year wait. A bill isn't expected until mid-April.

Irish immigrants here illegally hope for immigration reform - New York Daily News For St. Patrick's Day, a story about an undocumented population that's often overlooked.

GOP backs immigration overhaul to woo Hispanics - USA Today A new $10 million Latino outreach effort by the Republican party includes embracing immigration reform. The plan was unveiled Monday and is to kick off this year.

Supreme Court to hear case on Arizona immigration law - TIME This time, the high court is weighing the validity of a law that requires Arizona residents to document their U.S. citizenship before registering to vote. The justices are hearing arguments Monday.

Backers of American Latino national museum push bill in Congress - Los Angeles Times From the story: "Congressional backers of a proposed Smithsonian-affiliated museum devoted to the history and culture of American Latinos didn't succeed the first time around, so they're trying again." Bipartisan bills were resubmitted Friday in the House and Senate.

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