How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Obama optimistic about reform, senators at the border, effects of NYPD Muslim spying, more

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Obama: Immigration bill could pass by summer - USA Today From President Obama's interview Wednesday with the Spanish-language network Telemundo: "If we have a bill introduced at the beginning of next month as these senators indicate it will be, then I'm confident that we can get it done certainly before the end of the summer."

Immigration in spotlight as senators tour Arizona - New York Times Four of the eight senators working on immigration reform toured the border at Nogales on Wednesday, including meetings with Border Patrol, a helicopter flight and a port-of-entry visit. Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, whose office organized the tour, said the border “is still not as secure as we want it to be or expect it to be.”

GOP primary voters not opposed to immigration reform - Los Angeles Times Focus groups by a conservative research group "indicated that conservatives are inclined to support the party’s involvement in fixing immigration and may well reward potential presidential candidates, like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who have taken a prominent role in that effort."

The horrifying impacts of of NYPD ethnic profiling on innocent Muslim Americans - The Atlantic A report charts subtle and not-so-subtle effects of New York's police surveillance program. One example: "A prominent Queens business owner explained how a common Arabic phrase to denote excitement could be mistranslated into English to convey that the one is so excited that he will 'explode.' The business owner explained that such phrases, commonly used to denote emotion, are seldom used anymore."

Immigrants released from detention centers, border security scaled back amid budget cuts - Washington Post Along with the recent release of more than 2,000 immigrant detainees, other changes prompted by federal budget cuts include "scaled back border agent hours, drug patrols and staffing at border crossings."

Analysis: Economic ties, immigration, border issues top agenda for Obama's upcoming trip to Mexico - Houston Chronicle Immigration reform, along with trade and border security, will be part of the discussions planned for when President Obama visits Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City in May.

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