How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reform plans make tentative progress, Rubio's hesitation, why some Latinos say 'mojado,' more

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Immigration overhaul inches forward, but big hurdles remain - NPR The Senate "Gang of Eight" working group is expected to announce proposed legislation next week, but " as anyone who closely watched comprehensive immigration overhaul efforts in 2006 and 2007 can tell you, the Senate part of this is the relatively easy piece."

What Marco Rubio's dance on immigration tells us about Washington - Washington Post After labor and business groups announced an agreement this weekend, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio warned of haste. From the story: "One interpretation of this behavior is that Rubio is sincere in his calls for comprehensive immigration reform, but he doesn’t want to alienate Tea Party conservatives who are hostile to the idea."

South Carolina becomes battleground in immigration debate - Fox News Opponents of comprehensive immigration reform "have targeted South Carolina -- and (Republican Sen. Lindsey) Graham specifically -- with an ad campaign that plays the 'job' card. The ad stokes concern that if given legal status, immigrants will steal American jobs."

For Latinos, a Spanish word loaded with meaning - Los Angeles Times Why some immigrants from Latin America will use "mojado," a term with the same meaning as "wetback," but don't find it acceptable when non-Latinos use the English term.

Double Take 'Toons: Immigration reform? - NPR Two choice political cartoons as the back-and-forth over an awaited immigration reform package continues.

Congressman compares undocumented immigrants to water on sinking ship - ABC/Univision Part of what Rep. Lou Barletta,  Republican from Pennsylvania, reportedly said: "Let's not take on any more water on this sinking ship...Let's patch the holes. Then we'll decide what do we do with all this water that's here."

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