How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate rushes to wrap bill, unauthorized immigrants have close US ties, border security profits, more

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Drafters rush to wrap up Senate immigration reform language - NBC News "Minor loose ends" in a planned Senate reform bill are reportedly causing some lawmakers working on it to seek a delay, but with pressure on after other missed deadlines, "sources within the group tell NBC News that the proposal is still likely to be formally presented in a press conference tomorrow." Still, a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill planned for Wednesday has been postponed. 

With endorsement of immigration plan, Rubio makes first major policy gamble of his career - Washington Post Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida's endorsement of a forthcoming Senate immigration reform bill this weekend in television interviews "put at ease a group of colleagues who have been working hard to ensure he stays the course."

Poll: Majority of undocumented immigrants already have ties to U.S. - Miami Herald A new poll of immigrants who say they are in the U.S. illegally has 85 percent of them saying they have U.S. citizen family members; 62 percent said they have U.S. citizen children. Eighty-seven percent said they'd want to apply for citizenship if allowed to by comprehensive immigration reform.

15 companies that profit from border security - ABC News The planned Senate immigration reform bill has a strong border security component that could "devote as much as $3.5 billion toward a five-year border security plan." As with immigrant detention, a good chunk of the federal dollars spent on border security go to private contractors, who provide everything from telecommunications to uniforms.

Immigration reform: What about those who arrive legally but never leave? - Christian Science Monitor One less-talked-about group of undocumented immigrants that a reform bill would also have to address: visa overstayers, "the 150 million foreigners who come into the United States every year actually leave."

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