How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Cautious optimism from immigrants, the 2013 'path' vs. the 1986 amnesty, what reform bill means for tech, more

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The Senate bill proposes changes to how visas are issued to workers, several of which would affect the technology industry. Among them is an increase in the number of high-skilled foreign workers that may be admitted.

With a bill now in the Senate, immigrants weigh the possible impact - New York Times Immigrants who have been living and working in the shadows for years are cautiously optimistic about the new Senate reform proposal. " people are finally starting to realize that every family like mine is part of this society,” said one 23-year-old college student, who has temporary legal status but whose family members don't. 

Immigration reform: Comparing the 1986 amnesty to the 2013 path to citizenship - Southern California Public Radio There are some similarities. But if it comes to pass, the path to legal status and eventual U.S. citizenship under the new Senate proposal will be significantly longer, more complicated, and much more crowded than it was after the last major immigration overhaul.

ICE union claims immigration bill 'does nothing' to resolve enforcement concerns - Fox News The head of the union that represents U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents complains in a letter that the costly security components of Senate's new proposal focus "mostly on the exterior, and rely on the discretion of DHS."

Conservatives see a turning tide on immigration - New York Times Although they've taken to the airwaves this week denouncing "amnesty," some conservative talk show hosts say their listeners "seemed less agitated by the prospect that 11 million illegal immigrants might be granted legal status." Some conservatives have changed their tune on immigration reform since 2007, the last time Congress weighed a comprehensive bill.

What's really in the immigration bill - Slate There's more to the bill than border security and a path to citizenship. It also makes major amendments to the current immigration system, including more work-based visas and limits on family-based visas.

Immigration bill simplified: Five proposed changes for high-skilled immigrants - TechCrunch The proposed changes in the Senate bill that would affect the tech industry go beyond simply more high-skilled worker visas. A rundown of the major ones.

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