How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate bill markup to start, hurdles to reform, the recession and people of color, foreign-bride fetish, more

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Senators to offer changes on immigration bill - Politico The Senate Judiciary Committee markup of the Senate's immigration reform bill starts this week, with Democrats and Republicans set to propose changes. Perhaps the most controversial could be an amendment from Democrats to allow U.S. citizens to sponsor a same-sex partner for an immigrant visa. 

Four additional hurdles for immigration reform - TIME Stalling tactics from the right, pushback from the left, and arguments over how much the bill might cost now loom as roadblocks as the comprehensive Senate reform bill heads for markup, expected to begin May 9.

Study pegs cost of immigration bill's mass legalization at $6.3 trillion - Fox News The analysis from the conservative Heritage Foundation is based on costs that would arise once people who are now here illegally have legal status and a right to public benefits. Some economists counter that more people working legally would benefit the economy and offset costs.

Could immigration bill set off another backlash? - Associated Press Comprehensive immigration reform supporters are "watching warily to see whether relatively tame opposition balloons into the kind of fierce resistance that killed Congress' last attempt to overhaul the system." Anti-reform activists flooded the Senate switchboard with calls in 2007, the last time Congress considered a major immigration overhaul.

Foreign bride as a fetish and a person - New York Times The PBS documentary “Seeking Asian Female” digs into fetish as it chronicles the wedding plans of a 60-year-old white man from California and his bride, a 30-year-old woman from China who he met online and persuaded to come to the U.S. to marry him. It airs Monday night as part of the “Independent Lens” series.

Black and Latino wealth falls further behind - NPR A new Urban Institute report finds, similar to other reports that have traced the effects of the recession, that families of color lost more of their wealth during the economic crisis. Latino families lost 44 percent of their wealth between 2007 and 2010, and black families lost 31 percent. White families lost 11 percent. 

America's largest foreign-born population just hit a new record - ABC News/Univision A recent Pew Hispanic Center study reports that there are now a record 33.7 million Latinos of Mexican origin living in the U.S. About 11.4 million of them, roughly a third, are first-generation immigrants. The other two-thirds were born in the U.S.

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