How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate bill amendment highlights, how '86 amnesty changed life for one family, more

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Immigration amendments: 5 key issues - USA Today In the roughly three hundred amendments introduced to the Senate immigration reform bill this week, five issues stand out: spousal immigration rights for same-sex couples; more border security; an easier path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants; limits on who can qualify for legal status; and amendments to the worker and family visa provisions of the bill.

How the '86 immigration reform bill changed the lives of one LA family - Southern California Public Radio KPCC's Kitty Felde revisits a family she first interviewed in 1987, when Oscar and Martha Mendoza were a young couple with two kids hoping to apply for legal status through the Immigration Reform and Control Act. 

Four immigration officials charged with bribery, fraud - Los Angeles Times Authorities have filed charges against four officers working for U.S. border and immigration agencies who allegedly were accomplices of Kwang Man "John" Lee, an attorney accused of taking bribes from his immigration clients in exchange for services. Lee has been charged separately. 

Heritage study co-author opposed to letting in immigrants with low IQs - Washington Post One of the authors of a recent study from the conservative Heritage Foundation which placed a very high - and questioned - price tag on immigration reform was previously the author of a doctoral dissertation titled "IQ and Immigration Policy." In it he wrote that the "average IQ of immigrants in the United States is substantially lower than that of the white native population."

Marine recruitment effort targets Asians, Pacific Islanders - Los Angeles Times Black and Latino recruits have been joining the military for generations, but Asians aren't as nearly as well represented. The Marine Corps hopes to change that with a new advertising campaign aimed at getting more Asians and Pacific Islanders to join the Corps.

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