How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: What to expect from today's Senate debate, unauthorized Asian immigrants, a 'racist' city video, more

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The Senate Judiciary Committee is weighing non-immigrant visas, including work visas, on Tuesday in its second round of markups to the comprehensive Senate immigration reform bill. The tech industry is pushing to make it easier for employers to hire more highly skilled foreign workers.

What to expect as Senate immigration debate continues - Southern California Public Radio In Tuesday's second round of markups to the Senate immigration reform bill, lawmakers are weighing non-immigrant visas, with work visas a key part of the debate. On the table are a host of amendments regarding high-skilled workers, some more popular with the tech industry than others. 

Tech steps up immigration outreach - Politico Some tech industry leaders have been personally calling Senate offices to lobby for more high-skilled worker visas as part of the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform package. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for example, reportedly called the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican who is proposing amendments that would relax restrictions on use of the H-1B visa for skilled foreign labor.

Senators to debate immigration bill amendment on foreign students - Washington Post As the Senate Judiciary Committee weighs non-immigrant visas Tuesday, one proposal to be considered aims to increase monitoring of foreign students as a security measure following the recent Boston bombings. Non-immigrant work visas are also on the table.

For Asian undocumented immigrants, a life of secrecy - The Atlantic From the intro: "While the Latino community has a number of high-profile, openly undocumented spokespeople, young Asian immigrants who call America home are struggling with few resources and fewer role models."

Groups call for deportation suspension for groups affected by overhaul - New York Times In a conference call with media yesterday, immigrant rights advocates and labor leaders called on the Obama administration to halt deportations of people who might otherwise qualify for legal status under the proposed Senate immigration reform bill. 

Asian Americans express outrage over 'racist' city of LA Department of Public Works video - CBS 2 News The short film was reportedly intended to teach viewers about recycled water. It shows "a non-Asian man dressed as a geisha girl who spoke with a phony Japanese accent,' filmed at the Japanese garden at the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys. 

RNC Latino outreach director now a Democrat - MSNBC The Republican National Committee’s director of Hispanic outreach in Florida has announced he's leaving party following a controversial report on immigration reform costs by the conservative Heritage Foundation. It was later revealed that one of the report authors wrote a dissertation in which he accused immigrants of having lower IQs than native-born whites. 

Ted Nugent proposes treating undocumented immigrants 'like indentured servants' - Media Matters And then there's Ted Nugent, who in a recent column proposed an immigration strategy of his own. He calls it the "Nuge Immigration Plan."

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