How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: House group strikes reform deal 'in principle,' revived Trust Act moves forward in CA, no driver's licenses in AZ, more

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Bipartisan House group reaches preliminary immigration deal - New York Times After much stalling, a bipartisan group in the House has announced it's reached a deal "in principle" on immigration reform. A bill is expected in June. Like the bill now being debated in the Senate, it's anticipated to include a path to legalization for unauthorized immigrants and plans for more border security. But it will likely be more conservative than the Senate measure.

How geography of U.S. immigration has changed over time - Washington Post A new Pew report finds that compared with two decades ago, immigrants arriving in the U.S. legally are more likely to come from Asia and Africa. In 1992, most were coming from Latin America and Europe. 

Revived 'Trust Act' clears California Assembly, again - Southern California Public Radio A new version of a California bill that would limit the deportation of immigrants held by police has cleared its third Assembly vote in three years. It's on its way to the Senate again, but  after a previous version was vetoed last year by Gov. Jerry Brown, there's no telling how far it will go.

Why the Irish want a special immigration deal - ABC/Univision Provisions in the Senate immigration bill would give some special consideration to future immigration from countries like South Korea, Poland, Canada and Ireland. Irish immigrant advocates say immigration rule changes in 1965 restricted the ability of Irish nationals to come to the U.S., although many continued to come and stay illegally. 

Judge refuses to stop Arizona from denying driver's licenses to immigrants - Reuters  A federal judge has declined to block an order from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer that prevents the state from granting driver's licenses to people who qualify for temporary legal status under deferred action. The federal program applies to young unauthorized immigrants who arrived as minors under 16.

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