How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate reform bill moves forward, LGBT amendment left out, next LA mayor's mixed heritage, more

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Senate panel approves immigration bill - Associated Press After five amendment hearings, the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform plan passed a 13-5 committee vote and is on its way to the Senate floor. Some of the more controversial amendments came up at the end, including a withdrawn proposal that would have extended immigration rights to same-sex couples.

Immigration bill to hit Senate floor in June - U.S. News and World Report The Senate bill survived amendment markup sessions with its core intact: a path to legal status for unauthorized immigrants, and ways to regulate the future flow of immigrants and non-immigrant workers, both high- and low-skilled. The full Senate will now take up the bill in June.

Gay groups denounce lack of protection in Senate immigration bill - Washington Post Gay and lesbian advocates are upset over the Senate Judiciary Committee's lack of support for an amendment that would have allowed U.S. citizens in same-sex marriages to petition an immigrant spouse, as straight married couples can. The amendment was withdrawn at the end of Tuesday's final committee debate.

Garcetti makes history as next L.A. mayor - CNN City councilman Eric Garcetti's victory in the mayoral election is drawing interesting reactions to his ethnicity: He's Los Angeles' first elected Jewish mayor (his mother is Jewish), and while the roots are more distant than those of his predecessor, the city's second modern mayor of Latino descent (his father is of Mexican-Italian heritage). Garcetti said in a recent interview: "Weekends were both filled with bowls of menudo and lots of bagels." 

Obama meets with young immigrants, encourages them to speak out - Los Angeles Times On Tuesday, as Senate lawmakers were hammering away at the details of a comprehensive immigration reform bill, President Obama met with young immigrants who spoke about their personal situations and their hopes for reform plans moving through Congress. 

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