How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: State of reform, Europe's immigration challenges, health care in House talks, more

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A street in Denmark, one of several European countries in which immigration has become a contentious issue in recent years. Some changes were made last year to ease the nation's strict immigration laws, allowing for easier family reunification, but debate continues.

Immigration measure faces test in Senate, rival bill in House - NPR On the state of immigration reform in Congress: "A bill proposed by the Gang of Eight, a bipartisan group of senators, to revamp the nation's immigration rules passed out of committee last week and will soon be brought before the Democratic-led Senate. Less clear, though, is where the issue is headed in the GOP-controlled House."

Immigration tests prospects for a borderless Europe - New York Times From the story: "Declining economies, the rise of nationalist parties and the prospect of citizens from two of the Union’s newest and poorest members, Romania and Bulgaria, gaining unrestricted access to E.U. labor markets has tested the ambitions for a borderless Europe."

Addressing and discrediting 7 major myths about immigration - Forbes For example: "Myth 1: There are more immigrants than ever and these immigrants break the mold of previous waves. Between 1860 and 1920, fourteen percent of the population was foreign-born. The average for the 20th century is 10-plus percent. The proportion is not different today—about 13 percent."

GOP learns to love individual mandate - for immigrants - Politico Health care has been a sticking point in House negotiations over immigration reform, and some GOP leaders have proposed this as a solution: a rule that would require immigrants who legalize under the plan to buy their own health insurance as they wait to become citizens.

Obama lauds contributions of Asian Americans - Associated Press President Obama pushed immigration reform at a White House event marking Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month: "He lauded Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders for helping build and defend the United States, and he called for immigration laws that would respect that history."

Immigration status affects educational achievement - Penn State News According to researchers from Penn State and UC Irvine, the formal immigration status of mothers can affect the educational prospects not only of their children, but also their grandchildren. The report is based on a study of second-generation Mexican Americans in Los Angeles.

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