How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Immigrants and Medicare, Rubio's back-and-forth on reform, border security, CA driver license bill, more

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For Medicare, immigrants offer surplus, study finds - New York Times A study led by Harvard Medical School researchers finds that "immigrants have contributed billions of dollars more to Medicare in recent years than the program has paid out on their behalf...a pattern that goes against the notion that immigrants are a drain on federal health care spending." Unauthorized immigrants, however, aren't eligible for most government programs.

Supporters of U.S. immigration bill unsettled by Rubio's message - Reuters Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida helped write the Senate's immigration reform proposal, but "he has publicly said he wants changes to the bill and said last week that he agreed with some of the concerns voiced in a letter by 150 prominent conservatives who oppose the legislation."

Inside immigration reform: Securing the U.S.-Mexico border - PBS NewsHour Border security works differently along different parts of the southern border, with some areas heavily fortified and some not. Border security has been a sticking point for some Republicans considering sweeping immigration reform, who want part of the overhaul to be contingent on more border enforcement.

Angry about immigration plan, some gay donors cut off Democrats - Reuters Some high-profile donors say they're going to halt donations after Senate Democrats opposed an amendment in the Senate's immigration reform plan that would have extended immigration rights to same-sex couples, allowing gay and lesbian U.S. citizens to sponsor a foreign-born spouse. 

Assembly bill would allow driver's licenses for more immigrants - Los Angeles Times The measure, which has cleared the Assembly, "would allow people to get a license even if they do not qualify for a Social Security number. Instead, they would need to provide multiple documents to establish their identity, including an original birth certificate and proof of residency such as a lease or utility bill."

Public employee unions take issue with immigration overhaul - NPR More on how some of the unions representing employees of Homeland Security agencies are coming out against the Senate's proposed immigration overhaul. Some immigration agents say the proposal, if it becomes law, would make their jobs more difficult.

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