How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: House leans toward piecemeal reform approach, youths in detention, Latino voters in 2012, more

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On immigration, House GOP leaders leaning toward piecemeal approach - The Hill The House has yet to come up with a comprehensive immigration reform plan as promised. Meanwhile, House GOP leaders are again indicating interest in a piecemeal approach rather than a comprehensive bill, and that they could begin weighing individual immigration bills soon.

Marco Rubio: Immigration reform doesn't have 60 votes - Huffington Post Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said on a Fox talk show Tuesday that the Senate's immigration plan doesn't have the requisite number of votes to clear the full Senate. Rubio, who helped write the bill but has wavered on his position, said he and other lawmakers have learned "how little confidence people have that the federal government will enforce the law." 

Young immigrants detained at adult immigration facilities, report says - Los Angeles Times A report from an advocacy group, compiled using Homeland Security data, shows that "at least 1,366 minors were held in adult facilities for more than three days during the four years prior to Sept. 30, 2012." Many were reportedly 14 or younger. Federal policy stipulates that youths under 18 must be removed from adult facilities within 72 hours.

George W. Bush hit in GOP immigration crossfire - New York Magazine From the story: "Immigration reform is pitting Republicans against each other, much as it did when George W. Bush attempted the same goal, only to abandon the effort in the face of a right-wing backlash...Another thing that has carried over from that bitter schism is that the Bush administration itself — its legacy and place within the conservative movement — again lies at the heart of the dispute."

Report: Record 2012 Latino voter turnout not as high as it could have been - Southern California Public Radio A new report from Pew Research shows that while Latinos voted in record numbers in 2012, the share of eligible Latino voters who cast ballots was actually smaller than it was in 2008, because there are now many more Latinos who are eligible to vote.

Univision's Jorge Ramos a powerful voice on immigration - Los Angeles Times An immigrant himself, the popular news anchor is also "an unapologetic proponent for immigration reform. Long before the current debate over immigration policy in Washington, Ramos was on a crusade to demand changes in the law by chronicling stories of broken dreams and broken families."

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