How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate reform bill moves forward, GOP's internal immigration conflict, border drones, more

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Senate immigration bill clears big hurdle - USA Today Tuesday marked the Senate immigration reform plan's first major test, a vote as to whether the bill should move forward. It will: The Senate voted 82-15 to clear the way for debate on the proposal, which among other things would allow unauthorized immigrants to pursue legal status. But there are still many challenges ahead.

GOP honchos want immigration reform, but sit out fight - NBC News Although Republican party leadership has stated that embracing immigration reform is critical to the party's future, "an internal tug-of-war rages between party luminaries who regard immigration reform as essential to the party’s future health and conservatives who decry the proposal beginning to make its way through Congress as 'amnesty.'”

Border drones fly into fight on immigration - NPR From the story: "...the immigration bill now under consideration by the U.S. Senate calls for drones to fly 24/7. Supporters say that means more drones are needed. But critics argue there's no evidence the drones already flying are cost-effective."

Unions ramp up support of immigration bill - New York Times Organized labor unions are stepping up their advocacy for the Senate's immigration reform bill. Among other things, the Service Employees International Union says it has purchased more than $1 million in cable television ads in support of immigration reform.

Seven surprising facts about Asian American and Middle Eastern boys - ColorLines A new report examines facets of these two groups of boys' lives in the United States, including bullying (Asian American kids report the highest rate of bullying), racial profiling, immigration status and educational attainment. 

The ground zero of immigration: El Paso - TIME A photo essay looks at the Texas border city's Chamizal neighborhood, "a place where the nuances of a thoroughly complex issue crystallize into the tangible."

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