How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Senate to vote on border amendment, SCOTUS affirmative action decision, long green card waits, more

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Support snowballs ahead of Senate vote on immigration bill - The Hill Backers of the Senate's immigration reform proposal are setting a goal of at least 70 votes when the Senate votes on the proposal, possibly as early as this week. The bill has garnered more Republican support after a border security amendment was introduced last week; the amendment will be voted on Monday.

Supreme Court sends Texas affirmative action plan back for further review - Washington Post The U.S. Supreme Court has voted 7-1 to send the University of Texas’s "race-conscious admissions plan" back to a lower court for further review, sending a message to courts "to look more closely at the justifications for such programs but keeping alive for now the use of race to achieve diversity."

This time, greater will to overhaul immigration - New York Times On how the political landscape has changed since 2007, when "a bipartisan, left-right coalition brought down an immigration bill that had the backing of the Senate’s most senior leaders, as well as the White House. " The Senate's latest immigration reform proposal bill has been gaining support.

Immigration reform foes count on House to kill the bill - CBS News In spite of last week's "border surge" amendment promising heavier border enforcement, "foes of the comprehensive bill admitted...the bill is likely to pass the Senate, but it may yet falter in the House." Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said in an interview that it would be "dead on arrival in the House."

Millions of immigrants are waiting for green cards - USA Today The wait for an immigrant visa to come legally to the U.S. can stretch into decades for some, especially in high-demand countries like Mexico. According to the U.S. State Department, as of last Nov. 1, there were more than 4.4 million people waiting for green cards.

Family visas: Who waited longest this month, and what could change - Southern California Public Radio The immigrant visa category with the longest wait, for siblings of U.S. citizens, stands to be cut as part of the Senate's immigration reform bill. Another for adult married children of citizens stands to be capped at age 30. After initial amendments aimed at preserving these visas went nowhere, some Senate lawmakers are making other attempts to keep more visas available.

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