How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Supreme Court paves way for sponsorship of same-sex spouses, Senate approves border amendment, more

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It's been a busy morning with the U.S. Supreme court rulings, but better late than never. Here's what's happening on the immigration front:

Ruling could open immigration system to gay couples - USA Today The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a key section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act that barred same-sex married couples from obtaining the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples, including immigration benefits. The decision paves the way for gay and lesbian U.S. citizens to sponsor foreign-born spouses for immigrant visas.

Senate backs border amendment to immigration bill - Reuters The Senate has officially approved a costly border security amendment to its immigration reform package that would double the size of the U.S. Border Patrol and add hundreds of miles of additional border fence. It's expected to boost GOP support for the immigration bill, which could be voted on later this week.

Gay rights no longer immigration bill obstacle - Politico In May, the Senate Judiciary Committee opted not to include an amendment to the Senate immigration reform bill that would have granted immigration rights to same-sex couples, saying they feared such a provision could torpedo the entire bill. A similar amendment has been proposed since, but it's likely to be out of the picture now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Your guide to House immigration bills - ABC/Univision A rundown of the stand-alone immigration bills pending in the House, including a bill known as the SAFE Act, which proposes further criminalizing illegal presence in the U.S. and would allow state and local jurisdictions to set and enforce their own immigration policies.

Last scramble in Senate for immigration reform - Washington Post On the "last-minute jockeying and horse trading" going on in the Senate as backers of a comprehensive immigration reform bill try to push it toward a vote - and to round up the Republican support it needs to pass.

Many Asian Americans are as segregated by neighborhood as Latinos - Los Angeles Times A new study finds that "people with Chinese or Vietnamese roots are as segregated as Latinos in neighborhoods nationwide." This is especially so in Los Angeles and Orange counties. But in some cities, it's less a matter of economics than of where people choose to live.

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