How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Egyptian Americans react to upheaval, analysis says 'border surge' would cut illegal entries, more

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Precautions taken for Americans with roots in Egypt - USA Today Egyptian Americans are tensely watching the unfolding political situation in their native country, where president Mohammed Morsi has been overthrown by a military coup. In Egypt, eight students with the University of Michigan who were studying there are reportedly being evacuated.

Bush backs immigration overhaul, but may not sway GOP lawmakers - Los Angeles Times Former President George W. Bush plans to preside over a naturalization ceremony on Monday at his new presidential library in Dallas. He's expected to push immigration reform during the keynote address, but it may fall on deaf ears among his fellow Republicans in the House.

CBO: Senate bill could cut illegal immigration by 50 percent - USA Today The Congressional Budget Office now estimates that the amended Senate immigration bill, with its  "border surge" security provision, could reduce illegal immigration levels by half. A previous analysis estimated a 25 percent reduction. Illegal entries recorded along the southern border have been at historically low levels in recent years.

Immigrants prepare for legalization, just in case - Southern California Public Radio As the Senate-approved immigration reform bill gets taken up by the House, its chances of survival are uncertain. But in recent months, unauthorized immigrants who hope to legalize their status under the Senate bill's provisions are still getting their paperwork ready, just in case reform passes.

Silicon Valley not waiting for U.S. immigration reform - USA Today From the story: "Even while technology-industry lobbyists fight hard in Washington to nearly double the number of annual visas for skilled foreign workers...the CEOs of some fast-growing start-ups are already going overseas to find workers with the technical skills they need."

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