How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: House group expected to hold off on reform bill, youths who missed out on DACA, more

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House 'gang' punts immigration bill again - Politico A bipartisan coalition of seven House members is expected to hold off on releasing a comprehensive immigration reform plan until at least September. Sources close to the discussion say the thinking is that if the bill is unveiled now, before the August recess, it "would leave the House group little time to educate the public and fellow members" and also open the bill to attack from opponents. 

Boehner says Congress should address children of undocumented immigrants - CNN While he's still not supporting the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform plan, Republican House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that Congress should deal with the legal status of the children of unauthorized immigrants, saying it's about "basic fairness."

'Dreamers' who left US miss immigration reform - ABC News Some young people who would have qualified for temporarily legal status under the Obama administration's deferred program had already left the country before it kicked in last summer. Now, as immigration reform is discussed in Congress, they are regretting it.

Immigration impasse: House freshman ready to battle - USA Today An interview with freshman Rep. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who like fellow GOP House members opposes a path to legal status for unauthorized immigrants until there is more border and other national security. He says such a bill is 'not likely' to pass if Democrats in the House insist on legalization first.

Immigration overhaul would benefit big states the most - Wall Street Journal A new study suggests that if immigration reform becomes law, "the economic wealth won't be spread evenly. In states such as California, Texas and Florida, more immigrants and businesses are poised to take advantage of policy changes. These states are likely to see outsize economic gains, whereas changes to immigration laws would have a more muted economic impact in less populous states."

Obama takes to Hispanic TV to push immigration - U.S. News & World Report President Obama gave four interviews Tuesday to Telemundo and Univision outlets in Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York/New Jersey, during which he "renewed his endorsement of a path to citizenship for people who entered the United States illegally."

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