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In immigration news: Obama says no reform bill before fall, activists 'self deport' to test policies, Vietnamese nail salons, more

President Obama addressed the slow movement on immigration reform in a televised Telemundo interview this week.
President Obama addressed the slow movement on immigration reform in a televised Telemundo interview this week.
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Obama: No immigration bill before fall - USA Today President Obama said in an interview with a Denver Telemundo affiliate that getting an immigration bill approved by August 'was originally my hope and my goal,' but that there has been too much opposition from Republicans in the House. He also implied that he wouldn't support a bill that lacks a path to citizenship for immigrants who are here illegally.

Key players in immigration debate step back - Los Angeles Times Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a key advocate for immigration reform who was counted on by supporters to sell a plan to his fellow Republicans, has taken a back seat in the discussion as it has moved to the House. President Obama addressed immigration reform this week on Spanish-language television, but he has kept a low-key approach.

Polls: What the House should do about Senate immigration bill - CNN Nearly six in ten respondents in a recent survey said "they would like to see the House pass the Senate's legislation, or pass a version that includes tougher border control measures." Thirteen percent said they would like to see the House remove the path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants in the bill as proposed by the Senate.

Youth brought to US illegally leave to test law - Associated Press Three young immigrant activists born in Mexico but brought here illegally as children have traveled to their birth country with the intent to return as a test of U.S. immigration policies. The Obama administration has had more lenient policies toward children of unauthorized immigrants who arrived as minors.

In Vietnamese salons, nails, polish, and unvarnished opinions - Los Angeles Times Ever wonder what nail salons manicurists say about you (or your hands and feet)? From the story: "They chat about children and romance, about spending their tips and saving for college, about ladies with calloused hands holding expensive purses."

Four ways immigration bill may be 'financial catastrophe' for states - USA Today The Senate's immigration reform proposal "does not help states pay for costs incurred by required policy changes, including ramped up English classes and greater access to public hospitals and health clinics."

City to help immigrants seeking deportation reprieves - New York Times The city of New York plans to spend $18 million in the coming two years to help young people here illegally qualify for deferred action, a federal program under which they can obtain temporary legal status: "The money will add 16,000 seats to adult education classes throughout the city, and priority for those slots will be given to immigrants who might qualify for the reprieve."