How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Low turnout for reform opponents, 'blacklisted' Muslim citizenship applicants, evangelical ad campaign, more

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Immigration reformers are winning August - The Atlantic A planned grassroots movement by opponents of immigration reform to pressure members of Congress into voting against it hasn't had as much momentum as expected. While reform advocates have rallied, turnout by opponents at planned political events has been low.

ACLU: Muslims face more scrutiny for citizenship - Associated Press The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California says in a report that a government program "instructs federal immigration officers to find ways to deny applications (for citizenship) that have been deemed a national security concern." As a result, some Muslim applicants have had their naturalization applications held up for years, according to the report. 

Evangelical group to back immigration bill - USA Today More on the $400,000 radio ad campaign by a coalition of  evangelical Christians on behalf of comprehensive immigration reform. The ads will air in mostly Republican districts in 14 states, including California.

Top House Republican on immigration says no path to citizenship. Not even for DREAMers. - Washington Post House Judiciary Committee head Rep. Bob Goodlatte has told a conservative radio host that he "flatly opposes" a path to citizenship, including for young people brought to the U.S. illegally as minors: “Even for them, I would say that they get a legal status in the United States and not a pathway to citizenship that is created especially for them.”

'Dads' turns down Asian-American group's request to reshoot pilot - Yahoo TV An Asian American media watchdog group has been turned down by Fox after requesting a reshoot of a scene in the TV comedy pilot, which has an Asian American female character "dressing up in a sexy schoolgirl costume to please Chinese businessmen during a meeting with her bosses."

On immigration reform roadmap, bipartisan group pinpoints small business concerns - Washington Post In a report released this week, a bipartisan group composed of  former government officials "has outlined several recommendations for comprehensive immigration reform, including some it believes would help businesses — particularly small ones."

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