How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Catholic clergy to push legalization, why Obama can't 'legalize' immigrants, reform and the job market, more

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Can Obama legalize 11 million immigrants on his own? - Washington Post Not so easily. While President Obama could theoretically expand the deferred action program that now grants temporary legal status to some young immigrants, legal experts say " would be extremely difficult to expand this program to cover all (or even most) of the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants. And Obama only has the power to defer deportation — he can’t 'legalize' immigrants on his own."

Catholic push to overhaul immigration goes to pews - New York Times Roman Catholic clergy throughout the U.S. plan to "preach a coordinated message next month backing changes in immigration policy, with some using Sunday Masses on Sept. 8 to urge Congressional passage of a legislative overhaul that includes a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants."

On the killing floor, clues to the impact of immigration on jobs - Wall Street Journal When a meatpacking plant ran short of workers after federal agents conducted a raid and many were deported, management couldn't fill the jobs with native-born workers. Many of the jobs were filled instead by refugees from Burma and Somalia.

Concern rises after border-vigilante standoff - USA Today Law enforcement officials say the arrest of a border vigilante accused of pointing a gun at a sheriff's deputy in Arizona "during a confrontation in a desert smuggling zone shows that the 'minuteman'-militia-style movement is still active in Arizona and a growing threat to public safety."

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