How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reform takes a back seat, Syrian Americans and the war, 'Plan B,' asylum seekers from India, more

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Immigration reform falls to the back of the line - New York Times From the story: "In Washington, the sudden debate over military action in Syria and a looming face-off with President Obama over the budget and the nation’s borrowing limit have shot to the top of the legislative agenda." Action on immigration reform could be put off until the end of the year, perhaps even later.

Three Syrian Americans reflect on the war - PBS News Hour In interviews, immigrants  share childhood memories of growing up in Syria, talk about how they try to stay connected to loved ones there and share how they feel about possible U.S. military intervention.

The 'Plan B' alternative: If immigration reform fails, what's next? - Southern California Public Radio Some proponents of immigration reform are contemplating an alternate strategy if Congress fails to act: Pressuring the Obama administration to expand administrative relief - with a temporary reprieve from deportation - to more immigrants than those now covered under deferred action.

LA's Archbishop Gomez joins Catholic churches nationwide urging Congress to pass immigration reform - Southern California Public Radio Through a coordinated effort, Roman Catholic churches in at least 22 states offered masses calling for immigration reform on Sunday. This included Los Angeles' Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, where L.A. Archbishop Jose Gomez told a near-capacity crowd that "we need to pray for ourselves and our leaders in Congress."

Immigrants from India surge across Arizona border - Arizona Republic Border agents in Arizona have been encountering a growing number of hopeful immigrants from India who are showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border and requesting asylum. They reportedly pay as much as $35,000 to be smuggled from India via Central America and Mexico.

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