How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: CA driver license bill held, immigrants and the economy, border contractors, Syrian refugees, more

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Legislature drops licenses for undocumented immigrants - Sacramento Bee The sponsor of a California bill that proposes granting driver's licenses to immigrants living in the U.S. illegally has decided to hold the bill until January, "to address the concerns of immigrant advocates about how the card would be visually distinct from other licenses." It's the latest in a series of similar proposals.

Can immigration speed the economic recovery? - CBS News According to a new report, "foreign-born residents, who now account for one in eight Americans, are boosting job growth, raising home prices and more broadly helping to revive thousands of economically distressed communities."

More border protests planned - Fronteras Desk This summer, a group of young immigrant activists referred to as the "Dream 9" spent two weeks in a detention center following a protest that involved their traveling to Mexico, then attempting to return to the U.S. The activist group that put it together is now soliciting participants for another protest.

Border contractors smell profits in immigration debate - KQED As lawmakers contemplate immigration reform - much of it involving border security - contractors are sizing up business opportunities that range from border fencing to providing security technology to the federal government.

LA County Sheriff helps deport record number of immigrants - ColorLines While the county has continued to participate in the federal Secure Communities immigration enforcement program, Los Angeles County officials say they've shifted their focus away from low-level offenders. But advocates say many immigrants who commit low-level offenses are still being held for deportation.

Italy seizes 'mother ship' full of Syrian refugees fleeing civil war - Reuters A small number of displaced Syrians are being resettled in Europe, but some are trying to flee any way they can. Italian officials this week seized a ship "used to traffic illegal migrants across the Mediterranean and picked up about 200 Syrians fleeing the civil war in their homeland."

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