How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Aging populations and immigrants, use of force at the border, Arizona license ban, more

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Many countries facing the prospect of a dwindling workforce as their populations age are expected to look increasingly to immigration as a solution.

More old people, fewer workers: Nations look to immigration - NPR A look at nations around the world, including in Asia and Europe, that are struggling with an aging workforce. Many are expected to rely more heavily on foreign-born labor in the coming years, although immigration is a hot-button issue in many countries.

Call for better tracking of cases of excessive force at borders - New York Times A new government report that looks at the use of force by federal immigration agents suggests that with different systems for tracking complaints, it is "impossible for the inspectors to determine the total number of excessive-force accusations and investigations against agents." Since January 2010, at least 15 people have been killed in confrontations with agents.

Obama- willing to work with House on immigration reform - Reuters In an interview Tuesday with Telemundo, President Obama indicated he'd be willing to let the House of Representatives take a piecemeal approach to immigration reform "as long as the bill that ends up on my desk speaks to the central issues that have to be resolved."

Undocumented immigrants fight deportations at White House - USA Today During a protest Wednesday, seven unauthorized immigrants chained themselves to the gates outside the White House. They were protesting the deportation of people who had hoped to legalize their status by now, in some cases close family members.

License ban expanded - Arizona Republic Arizona is expanding its ban on driver's licenses for young deferred action recipients to include other immigrants spared deportation: "Most of those affected by the decision are people granted deferred action for humanitarian reasons, most commonly victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation."

San Francisco supervisor wants to stop ICE immigration holds - ABC 7 KGO-TV San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos  is proposing the city no longer cooperate with immigration officials to hold immigrants in local jails for federal agents: "He has the backing of the current sheriff and the district attorney, but Mayor Ed Lee wants exception for serious offenders which is basically current city policy." A California bill would limit who can be detained for immigration officials.

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