Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: California's new driver license law, House Democrats' reform bill, immigration detainers, more

California joins a growing list of states that allow unauthorized immigrants to apply for driver's licenses.
California joins a growing list of states that allow unauthorized immigrants to apply for driver's licenses.
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Under new law, undocumented immigrants could legally obtain driver's licenses in California by 2015 - Southern California Public Radio A new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday makes California the tenth state to let unauthorized immigrants apply for driver's licenses. The new law is due to take effect by January 2015, after the state DMV determines what the licenses will look like and other details.

House Democrats have released their own immigration bill. Here's what it does. - Washington Post From the story: "The legislation is very similar to the bipartisan immigration bill passed by the Senate back in June — with one big exception: The House Democrats' bill would not include billions of dollars requiring 700 miles of new border fence, the way the Senate bill did. Instead, the House bill would set specific goals for border enforcement." But it stands little chance of passing.

Officials still targeting non-violent immigrants, despite new Obama guidelines - Fox News Latino According to an analysis from Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, "fewer than 10 percent of (immigration) detainers actually targeted people who are considered a threat to public safety and national security, contrary to the stated objective of the new guidelines." Slightly more than one-third had criminal convictions, including minor ones.

California reaches out to educate Latino community on new insurance exchange - PBS NewsHour From the story: "On the eve of open enrollment for insurance exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act, the state of California is making a big push among Latinos, who make up a third of of the uninsured nationwide." A $60 million effort aims to teach California residents about the new health program and get them enrolled.

Vietnam veterans at risk of being deported - San Antonio Express-News Brothers Valente and Manuel Valenzuela, both in their 60s, are facing deportation. One is an ex-Marine and the other a decorated Army veteran. They say they were mistaken listed as resident aliens on their birth certificates, although their mother was born in New Mexico. Both have misdemeanor convictions, which make non-U.S. citizens deportable.