How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Obama promises post-shutdown reform push, deportation milestone approaching, Latinos and the Dodgers, more

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Obama plans immigration push after fiscal crisis ends - Reuters President Barack Obama tells a Los Angeles affiliate of Univision that immigration reform will be a top priority once the fiscal crisis has been resolved. The Senate passed a sweeping immigration bill in June, but reform efforts have made little progress in the House, where Republicans leaders have been more interested in a piecemeal approach.

Conflicting views on approaching 2 million deportations- NBC Latino The milestone is expected to be hit by the end of the year or by early 2014. Immigration activists see as it cause to pressure press President Barack Obama to suspend deportations and get comprehensive immigration reform passed. But the administration's critics "see the number as a statistics gimmick spun by the administration to appear it has been tougher on immigration enforcement than it actually has."

Mass school closings’ severe impact on lives of black, Latino students - MSNBC From the story: "In major cities including Chicago, Detroit, New York and Oakland, mass school closings have affected thousands of black and Latino students. Opponents describe the closures as a steep blow to a generation of minority students already struggling with social and economic instability." The closures have triggered protests among "parents, students, and advocates who say the school board targeted minority students and low income communities."

Asian-Americans see insensitivity in Saddleback Church Facebook post - Southern California Public Radio Two incidents involving influential pastor Rick Warren and his Lake Forest, Calif. megachurch have set off charges of racial stereotyping among prominent Asian-American Christians. More than 80 of them wrote an open letter addressed to the "Evangelical Church" asking for more respectful treatment of Asian-American culture in evangelical life.

Latinos' rocky relationship with their 'Doyers' over Chavez Ravine - Los Angeles Daily News After Latino residents lost their homes in a 1959 razing in Chavez Ravine for the construction of Dodger Stadium, the team came to represent the "white male power structure" to some. But time, a love of the pastime and stars such as Fernando Valenzuela have helped to heal old wounds.

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