How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: 'Renewed' reform push promised, border agents affected by shutdown, the Dodgers' Jaime Jarrín, more

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Obama calls for budget, immigration reform by year's end - NPR In a speech Thursday, Preident Obama "slammed the partisan standoff 'spectacle' " and "called for a renewed, bipartisan effort to pass a comprehensive budget, fix the "broken" immigration system and get a farm bill passed."

The amazing backstory of Jaime Jarrín: Spanish voice of the Dodgers - Southern California Public Radio The legendary broadcaster arrived on  freighter from his native Ecuador in 1955, and discovered baseball as a new immigrant: “In Quito, we don’t play baseball at all," Jarrín said earlier this week, as he prepared for a game at Dodger Stadium. "Before coming to this country, I had never seen a baseball game in my life.”

Christie flips on an immigration bill - New York Times From the story: "Immigrant advocates heard correctly over the weekend: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey really does support allowing unauthorized immigrants to pay in-state tuition at his state’s colleges and universities." The conservative governor has said recently that he supports the Tuition Equality Act, a state bill which would make it easier for unauthorized immigrant students to pay for college.

Border Patrol agents: We're collateral damage in government shutdown - NBC San Diego From the story: "...thousands of U.S. Border Patrol agents nationwide, 2,200 of them in the San Diego area, have been reporting to their posts without pay for the last 16 days." A Border Patrol union representative said that while Congress guaranteed military pay, border agents didn't receive the same guarantee.

Paris students protest amid deportation outcry - France 24 The deportation of a 15-year-old Roma girl to Kosovo led to widespread protests Thursday in Paris, in which high school students "blocked the entrance to several schools in the French capital, protesting in front of the gates, and disrupted the smooth-running of other establishments. All in all, 14 schools in Paris were 'disrupted,' the French capital's local education authority said."

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