How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: After the shutdown, LAPD's impound policy, deportation protests, the 'Prop 187 effect,' more

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Unlike shutdown, GOP says Democrats must bend on immigration reform - USA Today From the story: "House Republicans emerged from the 16-day shutdown fight angered at the White House and Reid for refusing to negotiate over the terms to end the shutdown and lift the nation's debt ceiling. Some say that if the Democrats use the same strategy and refuse to compromise on immigration then the issue will be dead this year."

Appeals court grants temporary stay for LAPD's vehicle impound policy - Southern California Public Radio California's Court of Appeals has granted the City of Los Angeles a temporary stay "that allows the police department to use a relaxed vehicle impound policy for unlicensed drivers. The policy had been knocked down by a lower court." Those who stand to benefit most are unauthorized immigrants, many of whom have had their cars impounded.

Activists block deportation bus in protest near San Francisco immigration office - CBS Local From the story: "Dozens of protesters surrounded a bus believed to be filled with immigrants slated for deportation at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Francisco." Protesters said they want to put pressure President Obama to halt deportations. Similar protests have been taking place in Arizona.

Paris sees second day of mass protests over immigrant deportations - Reuters Protests over the deportation of two students, one from Kosovo and another from Armenia, have "caused disruption in 50 schools across France. Teenagers clashed with police, who used tear gas against the high-school students." Thousands of high school students have joined the protests.

The 'Prop 187 effect': As the GOP has gone politically in California, might it elsewhere? - Southern California Public Radio A new report suggests that what happened to California Republicans after they backed a controversial state immigration initiative in 1994 could happen to GOP lawmakers in other states unless the party takes an active role in immigration reform. Proposition 187 proposed denying public benefits to unauthorized immigrants. It didn't become law, but it's considered a turning point in California's shift away from the GOP.

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