Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Keeping detention beds occupied, Texas university's 'catch an illegal immigrant' game, fasting for reform, more

Women sit in their housing cell in an immigrant detention facility in Eloy, Arizona. A little-known federal policy known as the
Women sit in their housing cell in an immigrant detention facility in Eloy, Arizona. A little-known federal policy known as the "detention bed mandate" aims to keep immigrant detention beds occupied,
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Little-known immigration mandate keeps detention beds full - NPR More on the "detention bed mandate," a federal policy aimed at keeping beds in immigrant detention centers occupied. The policy, which dates back to 2009, "calls for filling 34,000 beds in some 250 facilities across the country, per day, with immigrant detainees." It's a boon to the private prison companies that operate many of the nation's immigrant detention centers under federal contract.

North Texans to protest immigration game - CBS Dallas-Fort Worth A student group at the University of Texas in Austin called the Young Conservatives of Texas is being threatened with expulsion if it proceeds with a game called "Catch an Illegal Immigrant.” Details on the group's Facebook page described how members would wear signs reading “illegal immigrant” and that students that "captured" them would receive a gift card. Critics were planning to protest.

Orange County activists join fast for immigration reform - Southern California Public Radio Pro-immigration reform advocates from Orange and Los Angeles counties that include Asian American community activists, labor and church groups are fasting and camping outside a Brea shopping center, where the offices of some Republican members of Congress are located. Their protest is part of a national fasting event for immigration reform.

CNN acquires Vargas' immigration film 'Documented' - Associated Press Former Washington Post reporter Jose Antonio Vargas says he's sold broadcast rights for a documentary about his life experience to CNN Films, to be broadcast nationally in the spring of 2014. Vargas, who was born in the Philippines, revealed in a New York Times essay in 2011 that he had been living in the U.S. without legal status since childhood. He's now a prominent immigrant rights advocate.

D.C. mayor signs law allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses - Washington Post From the story: "The District’s new law, which will take effect in May, will align the nation’s capital with a handful of mostly Democratic-leaning states, including Maryland, where illegal immigrants can begin applying for licenses in January...Those who cannot prove citizenship will have their IDs stamped as 'not valid for official federal purposes.'" A similar measure also became law recently in California.

NY top court required deportation warning - Associated Press New York state's Court of Appeals has ruled that trial judges must warn clients who are non-citizens that "they may be deported before allowing them to plead guilty to felonies...Defendants are entitled to be notified of such 'a grave impact and frequent occurrence,' the Court of Appeals said. The majority cited increased deportations by immigration authorities under tougher U.S. laws and enforcement policy."