How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In immigration news: Reform and the GOP, Obama's deportation discretion, House staffer's mom being deported, more

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Is Boehner getting serious on immigration reform? New hire intrigues. - Christian Science Monitor More on House Speaker John Boehner's hiring of Rebecca Tallent as a policy adviser on immigration. Tallent has directed the immigration task force at the Bipartisan Policy Center and also worked as chief of staff for Sen. John McCain of Arizona, helping him draft immigration plans during the last reform effort in 2007.

Immigration advocates face hurdles in GOP House districts - NPR One likely reason why House Republicans have yet to budge on immigration reform: Their districts are whiter. An NPR analysis of census data shows that Latinos "live disproportionately in districts represented by Democrats. The average Democratic district is 23 percent Latino; the average Republican district, less than 12 percent."

Capitol hill staffer quits job to fight mom's deportation in Arizona - Arizona Daily Star On Wednesday, Erika Andiola announced that she was quitting her job as an outreach coordinator for Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Phoenix) to return to Arizona so that she can help her mother fight her deportation case. Maria Arreola faces deportation to her native Mexico.

How much discretion does Obama have in setting deportation priorities? - PBS NewsHour President Obama has long insisted that his hands are tied as far as stopping deportations, and that immigration laws must be upheld unless Congress acts to change them. A Q&A with two experts examines to what degree this is really the case.

Feds: ‘Lies, greed’ focus of border officer’s trial - U-T San Diego The stranger-than-fiction tale of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who wound up joining the smugglers that his wife worked for, waving illicit cargo into the United States and spending the profits on "a lavish lifestyle of designer suits, Cristal Champagne, trips to Las Vegas, parties at the Westgate Hotel, Chargers season tickets and a boat."

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